Are Traffic Fines Cleaning Out Your Wallet?

White Law Offices will get you the best outcome in your DWI case

It started out innocently enough: You went to the company holiday party and had one too many cocktails. You splashed some water on your face, walked in a straight line or simply took some time to sober up. On your way home, you saw blue lights in the rearview. You thought you were fine, but you ended up behind bars.

Wisconsin authorities are cracking down on drunk drivers, but they’re not immune to slip-ups themselves. Don’t relive the nightmare of your DWI for the rest of your life. Call White Law Offices LLC and we’ll do our best to get you back on the road in Wisconsin. Our attorneys work hard to examine the evidence and refute it if possible.

Trust us for more than DWIs in Milwaukee and Green Bay, WI

While we take on many DWI cases, but they’re not the only traffic charges we defend against at White Law Offices. Let us handle your traffic offense issues, including:

• Hit and run
• Speeding
• Property damage

Do you need a criminal defense attorney? Call White Law Offices for a free and confidential consultation.

OWI/DUI Defense

Being charged with an OWI/DUI can be a serious thing. The consequences can range from simple fines up to lengthy jail or prison time -- depending on the circumstances. No matter what the situation is, you need competent, dedicated and passionate representation immediately. Your rights, your job, your family, your freedom depend on it.

Depending on where you live in the State, the penalties you face if you are charged with on OWI/DUI can vary. Each of Wisconsin's 10 Judicial Districts approach these prosecutions differently.