Charged With a Violent Offense? You Need Legal Representation

Charged With a Violent Offense? You Need Legal Representation

Need a capable attorney? Better call White Law in Wisconsin

Violent crimes are some of the most serious offenses you can be accused of. There’s no question that you’ll need an experienced lawyer like the ones at White Law Offices LLC. We’ll consider representing you if you’ve been charged with:

• Homicide
• Battery
• Domestic Violence
• Assault

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If the evidence against you is weak or tainted, we can challenge it. In many cases, evidence is improperly obtained or wrongly evaluated, making it invalid to use in court. How will you know if a piece of evidence against you is valid? You probably won’t. That’s why it’s important to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney from White Law Offices LLC.

We also specialize in drug offenses on any scale

Drug crimes aren’t always violent, but when things take a nasty turn, White Law Offices is here to help. If you’ve been charged with a drug crime, chances are we’ll take the case. Call us for a free consultation and we’ll see if we’re a good fit for your defense.